18 February 2012


Photo Knut Bry

Camilla Prytz is a glass artist and jewelry designer from Norway

Camilla Prytz launched Glass & Glamour, her first handmade jewelry collection in glass and sterling silver in 2001, and her first designed and produced line Animals in 2009

The success has been overwhelming, and her jewelry is spotted on Rihanna, Olsen-twins, Crown Princess Mette- Marit, Princess Martha Louise and dozens of other stars and fashionistas

Camilla was nominated for the Norwegian design award Nåløyet 2011, as best accessior designer of the year, and for Costume Awards 2011 and 2012 as best Norwegian Designer of the year 

She has released two jewelry books with Norwegian photographer Knut Bry, 
Friends of Glass and Elle Melle 

This fall she started working with a new material enamel. Her new jewelry collection THE ENAMELLIST by Camilla Prytz is 100% handmade in Norway´s oldest enamel studio 
Opro Produkter

Specially made for Sva Magazine#7

" I wanted to fullfill an old dream - to make enamel jewelry! My great grandfather worked with enamal in the old family firm J. Tostrup Goldsmith. When AS J. Tostrup closed in 1986, I had to look for another place. In the heart of Oslo I found Opro Productions, a beautiful old workshop who still handmake enamel in the old fashioned way, and our collaboration has been magical. The collection "The Enamellist By Camilla Prytz" is inspired by my own childhood in the 70s, and has a strong hippeivibe. I think enamel is the most beautiful material I have ever seen, and some of the colors used in my collection are hundred years old"

Maya Wik

Olsen Twins


Barbara Streisand

You can now shop some of her lovely jewelry at her webshop!

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